My Book

Life Outside My Comfort Zone

From China to Australia, from international student to global knowledge worker, from restaurant to Google, from C++ programmer to book author, from Burning Man to Antarctica, in this book I revealed those untold stories while I'm living outside my comfort zone.

Paperback and Kindle Edition on Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU 14 locations both online and in local book stores.

从中国到澳洲,从留学生👩🏻‍🎓到Google创意技术专家👩‍💻,从生性内向到TEDx演讲者👩🏻‍🎤, 从代表澳大利亚参与20国青年领袖联盟到深入探险南极大陆🐧, 我生命中不变的主题就是改变。💡好奇心和持续学习是我不断前进的驱动力,我将继续迎接新的挑战,探索#舒适圈以外的生活。🐾 #探索舒适圈 #舒适圈以外