Media Interviews

News Articles & Video Interviews

2024 Panellist, Annual Leaders in Tech hosted by iAccelerate

2022 Australian Ambassador's Award for Women in Leadership Judges' Commendation

2021 UOW Young Alumni Award

2021 Linkedin Featured Post, Inspiring Women #10. “Enjoy every moment – especially the struggle” – Susan Zhang on living outside the comfort zone

2021 London Business School full interviewSustainability Leadership and Corporate Responsibility

2021 LBS International Woman's Day Featuring Release, full post here.

2021 Balancing the Grind with Susan Zhang, Country Development Manager at Amazon

2020 Published translated story from English to Chinese, Story Weaver

2020 WestPac Young Tech Scholar Program, The Careers Department, Listen on SoundCloud

2019 Illawarra Mercury - Winner of Australia China Alumni of the Year Award

2019 'I'm from China' series documentary by UK PandaTV  - 木兰IT记

2019 Guest Speaker at the LBS China Business Forum

2019 Australia SBS Radio interview

2017 UOW 'Making an Impact' series

2017 Video interview on Working at Google London as Creative Technologist

2017 30secs Facebook video on Working at Google, Speaking at Vivid Sydney and more

2016 Speak at Agile London Event

2015 TEDx Talk at Sydney, Australia

2014 Technology Evangelist, China Australia Millennial Project Australia

2013 TED Translator

2011 UOW Digital Year Book 

Webinar & Events

2020 Life Outside My Comfort Zone webinar for CUKRUN - In Chinese

Mentorship Programs


Full list of past speaking engagement


WestPac Young Tech Scholar Program - SoundCloud

Innovation Social Forum - Zoom, London

My Book Launch - Talks at Google, London


Oct London - Keynote Speaker, London Stock Exchange

May London - Panelist, LBS 2019 China Business Forum

Feb London - Speaker, LSE 2019 China Development Forum


Dec Australia - Keynote Speaker, IEEE TALE Conference

Aug Shanghai - Keynote Speaker, International Marketing and Innovation Summit

Sep Beijing - Speaker, UOW Alumni Event

Feb London - Host, 'Talks at Google' Program, live on YouTube 


Apr UK - Competition compère/host, 'The 1st China (Shenzhen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition(London Division)'

May UK - Host, VP/Senior GM from Tencent 

May Canada - Speaker, International Entrepreneur Conference 

Jun Australia - Speaker & Panelist, Vivid Ideas Festival

Sep UK - Speaker, Eton College 

Sep UK - Speaker, 12th London Asia Business Forum 

Oct Beijing - Keynote Speaker, China AI Summit


Apr UK - Speaker, 11th Asia Business Forum

Sep UK - Speaker, Agile London event

Dec UK - Event co-host and speaker, Tech the Halls 


Aug Wollongong - Career Discussion Panelist, UOW Open Day 2015

Nov Sydney - Speaker, TEDxTelstraSydney