CogX London Impact of AI

"CogX London 2017, an Innovation Exchange focused on the impact that AI will have across all industries, government and society as a whole."


Impact on News, Media & Entertainment - Speakers: CTO at BBC, CEO of AI Music, CEO of Jukedeck, CEO of Signal Media

Film | Theatre | AI Music

News, production, distribution, use AI to structure data to be more insightful

30% of the election news are get from Snapchat. ;O

60% of people read news from FB

"Phantom of the Opera is 30 years old and has sold more tickets than the first 6 star wars."

Using deep learning to compose music

"Replace journalist with AI, expect commentators."

Investing in AI - The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Should we invest in AI?

low revenue

most AI companies technology driven, not commercially driven

Many AI have yet to firm us business models

  • many AI company still not ready to scale

  • value pricing is really hard

  • small deal values, but high paid per employee

  • small $ raised by even the largest M&A targets

Does it make sense to take 10M of VC money?

The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydbates, and a monthly salary.

The ratio of investment US/EU is 5:1 in general

AI appear to be a very european thing, believe talent of AI in UK

every company become a AI company when they want to do it in scale

deep expert knowledge, with business mind, like unicorn wandering around. :D

be flexible, smart and shift/pivot when need, especially in AI

AI is the tool, and the tool changing all the time, you have to be flexible, when finding people, not just too academic

UK is strong on creativity and talents

Instead of machine instead of human, more about collaboration between AI and human

Design, automation, manufacture of AI

Brian tree, Peter

One of the retail company ask them to do customer segmentation, while clean up data, they rather found something odd, and a wired contract finally come through saying 'they can only do customer segmentation, no fraud past, now or even in the future.

So now they are investigating who's involve to stop the project with the doggy part.

The opportunity AI presents for the UK, Matt Hancock the Minister of State for Digital and Culture at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and Conservative MP for West Suffolk

data literacy

300,000 business lack of basic data literacy

Summary of the day:

Lots of great conversation around AL, ML, company expo.

Buzz questions around DeepMind, Google, Amazon.

Data privacy

AI in government and polices, fake news etc.


Which is the smart company in the future?

Will AI instead of human jobs?

Does AI can perform creativity?