Recap of Day 1 - co-founder of CognitionX

  • Robot can dance

  • Lots buzz around China

  • DeepMind's AlphaGo

  • Smart company (amazon, MS, Google etc?)

  • Youngest attendee asked very good questions(10-14 years old?Eton College?)

  • Overall sentiment towards AI: optimism

Met Head of Digital from Royal Mail :please don't make parcel digital, we love the red parcel with the Crown!

AI will be part of the answer to improve life, lead to future opportunities for new jobs.

People all think Google/FB is doing the surveillance and want to access to the data, but didn't that turn into another surveillance? it's about who's in power? or no one at all?

State of AI & Impact on Society - Lord Young

"Mankind need a purpose, and something to do in life."

Lord Young had the 1st startup in 1961, coffee shop, UK didn't have then mainly US

Addressing AI and employment: 15millions jobs lost because of AI

If we play right, we can create 20 millions new jobs

Amazon is using 25% of the warehouse in this country

Trend of reducing working hours, 4 days a week. World research on reducing hours cross countries as the current trend.

32 millions people are hired now, is 40% increase with Technology involved.

Transportation & Smart Cities - M.C. Srivas, Chief Architect, Data, Uber

Mega city, traffic jam in major cities

Aging society 65+

Self driving cars, accountability, safe, innovation

Who's liability if self-driving car in an car accident?

What if the driver dies but can save more passengers?

"Driving is like a negotiation, have the EQ involved as the result of the programing to be considered."

AI on education - Panelist: UCL Knowledge Lab, World Economic Forum, IBM EMEA, Founder&CEO Zzish

"less than half of my time at school i use to learn, and most of the time i learn from internet. We don't learn geography at class, what we learn is about 'how many tourism visit floria every year?"

"We not only have girls into Tech, we need to get more boys! just in general, get more teenagers into"

"Show them something really awesome, VR, show the fun, get visual, inspired what we have"

lots of academia drop out and very disconnect from society

AI about soft skills and characters, collecting data on kids, tracking the kids, how we feel about it, how intimate of the data with kids?

What we want to keep/change for education?

'Don't think people will murder you if they have your data" - student

"but still be careful of your data". - panelist

Stop calling 'EQ' as soft skills, as it's can be measured.

AI on Healthcare - Dominic King, Clinical Lead at Deep Mind

DeepMind Join Alphabet, and keep their 2 focus:

  • research

  • applied for pressing social challenge

2 major problems in healthcare:

  • Poor technology

  • System complexity

Reality if you go hospital, 1 in 10 chances treatment might hurt you, then the nurse might be nearly burn out and leaving soon

most practical and smartest solutions - DeepMind health's mission, most transparent

work with patients and doctors coming in every Wednesday to work with developers together.

How to change human behavior, to motivate people to use the tech of medicine rather than not fully using it.