C2 Montréal


  • Mayor of Montréal came to give a speech.

  • Conference opening with a concert in style, by Maestro Kent Nagano!

  • Co-founders of Element AI

  • Man with Music - story telling through sounds

What is C2? 6 years, Creative + Commerce, believe can break the boundary about how business done, with creative and commerce involved, and Montreal is a magic place to attract it and make it happen,

How long does it take to prepare each year? 1 year

Quote of the day

Why are you here? Why am I here?

Some for business contacts - 1 Million investment last year, 4000 braindates

Some for love (he become grandpa because his son met someone when he's volunteering here 2 years ago)

Man with music, Joel Beckerman

The whole world is an instrument

Change the sounds in healthcare to make patient feel better

sound of humanity

"there's no sound of silent, but there's sounds of stillness"

"not the airplane food is dull, it is the sound of engine and the noisy environment make the food seems feels dull"

we all know how important is the white space in design, and silent is the white space.

Is the world awaken?

50% of the good film is contribute to good soundtrack

Art and culture is how we define our lives

Take your eyes away, and open your ears.

Leonard Brody, Serial Entrepreneur and VC

We too focus on Tech,

gap between what the tech can do and what our real problem is

we often forget about the 'human factor' and social changes

Use a lot of number - talk fast , then "80% of the number i'm made on the stage" lol

Alibaba single day - 1 day = 1 year of FB, 3 years of Tesla

insert world working hour chart:

Claude Guay, GM of Global Business Services, IBM Canada + Nathalie Le Prohon VP of Healthcare, IBM Canada

2 presenters conversation style presentation

why not be impatient? 用户增长, 千禧一代

Frank Giustra Founder, Lionsgate & The Radcliffe Foundation + Kirpatrick Day Executive Director, The Ascend Initiative

慈善家 Clinton partnership on foundation, refugee, social enterprise, profit - >sustainable so can move on to next project

Touch people in the positive way

Miguel McKelvey Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, WeWork + Simon De Baene Co-Founder and CEO, GSOFT

Focus on present, rather than future, if company can't solve present problem, there's no future AI or anything to talk about.

Jade Raymond VP and Group General Manager, Motive Studios, Visceral Games and Star Wars at Electronic Arts (EA) + Marissa Roberto Host, Writer and Producer

Electronic arts, star wars

from a movie, broadcast, to a sub culture

Weak link notes: twitter followers>instagram>facebook>real friends

Strong link notes, referral, many to one, one to many, many to many

engaging model

be the spark in the ignight, all about the user, not you.

content centric